Turn any page into an API

Find yourself visiting a page often just to see what's new?

The list helper gets you the latest posts right within the Kit app.

Get Started


In your ~/.kenv: npm install @aseemtaneja/kit-list

API-fy a page

Step 1: Go to the page
Step 2: Open up the Elements tab in Dev Tools and gather the required CSS selectors
Step 3: Make a script and you're done

For example, the following script allows you to browse Frontend Masters courses:

// Name: Frontend Masters
// Description: Browse courses from frontendmasters.com
// Author: Aseem Taneja
// Twitter: @aseemtaneja
import '@johnlindquist/kit';
const list = await npm('@aseemtaneja/kit-list');
const { choices } = await list('https://frontendmasters.com/courses/', {
containerSelector: '.MediaItem',
hrefSelector: 'h2 a',
descriptionSelector: '.description',
metaSelector: '.Instructor .name',
const itemUrl = await arg('Go to', choices);
await $`open ${itemUrl}`;

To see everything you can do 👉🏽 View the docs on GitHub