Beta.19 New Features - Gotta go fast! 🏎💨

Beta.19 is all about speed! I've finally landed on an approach I love to get the prompt moving waaaay faster.

Couple videos below:

Instant Prompts

// Shortcut: option 5
let { items } = await db(async () => {
let response = await get(
await arg("Select repo", items)

Instant Tabs

Instant Main Menu

The main menu now also leverages the concepts behind Instant Prompts listed above.

Faster in the future

These conventions laid the groundwork for caching prompt data, but I still have plenty ideas to speed things, especially around how the app launches the process. I'm looking forward to making this even faster for you!

I'm also starting the work on an "Instant Textarea" because I know popping open a little textarea to take/save notes/ideas is something many people would use. 📝

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