Beta.20 MOAR SPEED! ⚡️

Process Pools and Virtualized Lists

Experimental textarea

Feel free to play around with the textarea for multiline input.

let value = await textarea()

The API of textarea will change (it currently just sets the placeholder), but it will always return the string value of the textarea, so there won't be any breaking changes if you just keep the default behavior. cmd+s submits. cmd+w cancels.

Experimental editor (this will become a paid 💵 feature later this year)

As an upgrade to textarea, await editor() will give you a full editor experience. Same as the textarea, the API will also change, but will always return a string of the content.

// Defaults to markdown
let value = await editor()

⚠️ API is subject to change!

let value = await editor("markdown", `
## Preloaded content
* nice
let value = await editor("javascript", `
console.log("Support other languages")

A note on paid features

Everything you've used so far in the Script Kit app will stay free. The core kit is open-source MIT.

The paid features will be add-ons to the core experience: Themes, Editor, Widgets, Screenshots, Record Audio, and many more fun ideas. These will roll out experimentally in the free version first then move exclusively to the paid version. Expect the paid versions later this year.

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