Types are here!

Update (1.1.0-beta.86) adds a ~/.kit/kit.d.ts to allow better code hinting and completion.

❗️After updating, you will need to manually "link" your ~/.kenv to your ~/.kit for the benefits (This will happen automatically for new users during install)

Method 1 - Install and run this script

Click to install link-kit

await cli("install", "~/.kit")

Method 2 - In your terminal

PATH=~/.kit/node/bin ~/.kit/node/bin/npm --prefix ~/.kenv i ~/.kit

Now your scripts in your ~/.kenv/scripts should have completion/hinting for globals included in the "preloaded" scripts.

I still need to add types for the helpers that load scripts from dirs kit(), cli(), etc.

Please let me know how it goes and if you have any questions. Thanks!

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