What is Script Kit?

Script Kit is an open-source dev tool for creating, running, editing, and sharing scripts.

These scripts can run in the Kit.app, the Terminal, GitHub actions, package.json scripts, webhooks, or pretty much anywhere.

Community of Scripters?

The main goal of Script Kit is to build a community of people who love to script away the frictions of their day! 🥰

What are Kit.app, kit, and kenvs?

  • Kit.app - The Kit.app provides a UI for your scripts. The app is "script-driven" meaning that every time you launch the app, you're really launching a script. The main menu, even though complex, is a script you could write.

  • kit - "kit" is the sdk of Script Kit

    • A bundle of JavaScript common libs wrapped by an API to make writing scripts easier (get, download, replace, outputFile, etc)
    • APIs for interacting with your OS (edit, focusTab, say, notify, etc)
    • APIs for interacting with Kit.app and Terminal (arg, env, etc)
    • Scripts and utils for app setup, managing kenvs, parsing scripts, etc
  • kenvs - Kit Enviroments (AKA "kenv") are directories that contain a "scripts" directory. If you point "kit" at a "kenv", kit will parse the scripts and give you tools to simplify running and managing them.

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