User Input

User Input

Receive text from a user by adding arg to your script:

let value = await arg()

arg will prompt the user to enter text, wait for the text, then return the value of the text to value and continue on with the script. You can then use value as a string in your script however you want.

If you want to tell the user what information the prompt expects, provide a string:

await arg("Please enter your name")

If you want give the user options to select, provide an array as the second argument:

await arg("Select a fruit:", ["apple", "banana", "grape"])

Drag and drop

Prompt the user to drag and drop a file by using the drop method:

let filePath = await drop()

Longer Text

Allow the user to input multiple lines of text using textarea:

let text = await textarea()

Pre-load the textarea with text by passing a string:

let pleaseEditMe = `Some text I want to edit`
let text = await textarea(pleaseEditMe)

Code Editor

(💵 In the future, using editor will require a paid update)

Launch a full code editor using editor. This is great

let text = await editor()

Pre-load the editor with text and specify a language for code highlighting/features:

let text = `
# My Markdown
* one
* two
let editedText = await editor(text, "markdown")
await div(md(editedText))

Keyboard Shortcut

let keyData = await hotkey()

If you were to type cmd+j, keyData would give you the following response:

"key": "j",
"command": true,
"shift": false,
"option": false,
"control": false,
"fn": false,
"hyper": false,
"os": false,
"super": false,
"win": false,
"shortcut": "command j"
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